I’m an assistant professor, affiliated with FAST (Field Autonomous System Team) Group,  at Department of Control Science & Engineering, Zhejiang University.

I got my Ph.D. degree from Aerial Robot in the UAV Group, Robotics Institute, HKUST, and I got my Bachelor’s degree in Department of Control Science & Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2015. My research interests cover aerial robotics, autonomous navigation, motion planning, optimal control, perception, SLAM, and applied convex optimization. You can check my publication and video lists for details.

My office is temporarily located at Control System & Cybernetics (CSC) institute, Room 216, Yuquan campus. And my group is in CSC Room 304. Undergraduates are welcome to join my lab and have fun with robots.


Prospective studentsFAST lab now has two professors, Prof. Chao XU and me. We are continuously recruiting students (UG, PG) who:

  • love robots and autonomous systems (so you can have fun in daily research)
  • hardworking, or top smart (at least you should have one)
  • don’t mind dirty hands (sometimes you have to deal with hardware, you know)

PS. I extremely prefer students with experience in cutting-edge robotics design, competition, or research. Solid mathematical background and coding skills are also highly regarded here.