My name is Fei Gao (高飞) and I’m from China.

I’m a Ph.D. candidate working on Aerial Robot in the UAV Group, RI, HKUST. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Control Science & Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2015. My research area includes motion planning, control, applied convex optimization, and swarm. I’m also interested in general UAV or mobile robotics applications, such as autonomous exploration, aerial videography, and autonomous driving. You can check the following publication and video lists for details.

Currently, the expected date of my Ph.D. graduation is 17th. Aug. 2019. After that, I’m eager to continue my academic career because of my interests and passions. So HRs please ignore me since I have no such a plan to enter into the job market.

I’m open to all possible faculty or post-doc or other research positions.